Traces of an old vineyard

\"Traces of an old vineyard \" Mahsa Vahdat latest Album is released on 23 of January by Kirkelig Kulturverksted in Norway and Europe and It will be released by valley entertainment in US .The album is a tribute to a defiant and rich heritage and to a world of beauty and unknown depth,it is dedicated to the city of Shiraz . The album contains Mahsa Vahdat melodies to poems by the classical Iranian poets Khayyam, Hafez and Rumi. The musicians who are accompanying her are Tord Gustavsen on piano and keyboards, Shervin Mohajer on the Persian string instrument kamancheh and Ali Rahimi on percussion. The poems on the record express a great variation on the many aspects of love and life: devotion, desires, ecstasy, tensions, disappointments and sorrows. The musical idea of the album is to develop the beauty of Persian poetry and vocal tradition within the frame of a meeting between Iranian contemporary instrumental music and a jazz pianist. All the songs are arranged by Tord Gustavsen with whom Mahsa has worked several times before. The recording was done in Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo in September 2014 by the sound engineer Martin Abrahamsen and the producer Erik Hillestad.

A Deeper Tone of Longing

­A Deeper Tone of Longing is Mahsa Vahdat's second collaboration with Mighty Sam McClain. Lyrics belong to Mohammad-Ibrahim Jafari and Erik Hillestad. Melodies are by Mahsa Vahdat (tapping in part to Iranian folk themes), Sigvart Dagsland and Knut Reiersrud. Knut Reiersrud and Jarle Bernhoft (guitar), Mathias Eick (trumpet, bass and vibes), Rune Arnesen (drums) and Pasha Hanjani (ney), accompany the singers, with an important addition, kamancheh player Shervin Mohajer. A Deeper Tone of Longing was release in Europe at the end of June, and in America (Valley Entertainment) in August 2012. For further information visit KKV page below:­

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Twinklings of Hope

­The Norwegian label KKV releases Twinklings of Hope (2012). Musicians in the ensemble are Atabak Elyasi (setar), Pasha Hanjani (ney) and Ali Rahimi (daf). The album is recorded and produced by Erik Hillestad in an old harem in a beautiful old mansion in Tehran. For fu­rther information go t­o KKV page below:­


In the Mirror of Wine

I Vine Speil (“In the Mirror of Wine”) is Mahsa Vahdat’s latest album in cooperation with renowned Norwegian choir group Skruk. Conducted by Prots Hidre, composed and arranged by Tord Gustavsen, and produced by Erik Hillestad of Kirkelig Kulturverksted (, In the Mirror of Wine is the meeting point of Persian traditional singing and Norwegian church music and jazz. The album was recorded in Jakob Church in Oslo and Volda Church in June and July 2010. Poems are by Persian poets Hafez (1325/26–1389/90) and Rumi (30 September 1207 – 17 December 1273). To purchase this album, you can go to the page below:


Scent of Reunion

Love knows no boundaries. Nothing on earth can stop lovers from reaching out to each other. Differences in culture or faith cannot prevent them from attempting to unite across the barriers the world's political powers erect.

The new Album Scent of Reunion (Love Duets Across Civilizations) was released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted on September 2010, with Mahsa Vahdat from Iran and Mighty Sam Mcclain from US.

Featured on the Scent of Reunion CD, are Knut Reiersrud and Jarle Bernhoft arrangements, guitars and electrical piano. On double bass, vibraphone, piano and trumpet Mathias Eick, on drums Rune Arnesen and on the ney flute Pasha Hanjani from Tehran.

Farsi Lyrics are by well known painter and poet Mohammah Ebrahim Jafari and English lyrics is by Norwegian poet and producer Erik Hillestad.

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I Am Eve

Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat join their voices in I Am Eve, an album composed, arranged and produced by Atabak Elyasi and released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted in Norway ( It was conceived, born and recorded in Iran and mixed and mastered in Norway and Sweden. The album has melodic elements from the Persian classical tradition, adapted by the Vahdat sisters and Atabak Elyasi. Poems are by contemporary poets of Iran, including Azar Khajavi and Layegh Shir Ali, and by such classical poets as Rumi, Baba Taher and Tahereh Qorratolein.

Musicians who have worked on this album are Christophe Rezai (vocal), Pasha Hanjani and Amir Eslami (ney), Shervin Mohajer (kamancheh), Shahram Gholami (oud), Ali Razmi and Atabak Elyasi (setar), Reza Asgarzadeh (duduk), Babak Riahipour (bass), Ali Rahimi (daf and percussion). The album was released on 1 September 2008.

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Songs from a Persian Garden

Produced by Erik Hillestad, this CD is based on a live recording at the summer residence of the Italian Embassy in Tehran on 22 May 2007. Accompanying the voice of Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat are musicians from Norway and Iran under the supervision of blues guitarist Knut Reiersrud. Proceeds from the concert went towards helping disabled children of the province of Sistan in Iran. For more info visit or to purchase the album in Europe visit the page below:


Lullabies from the Axis of Evil

This CD includes lullabies from Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, North Korea, Syria and Cuba, accompanied by singers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, etc. Lullaby is a natural musical form that deeply affects the listener in its simplicity. The title of this CD refers to the former US president George W. Bush’s remark. Producer Eric Hillestad traveled to these countries to record lullabies for Voggersanger fra ondskapensakse. The CD was released by Kirkelig Kulturverksted.


Risheh dar Khak

The composer of this album is Pejman Taheri and its publisher Ava-ye Barbad. Compositions strive to find a new language that combines classical Persian music with new poetic forms.  For more info